January 2, 2019

Barn Fire: What’s Inside?

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A BARN. When you hear that you think about farm animals like cows, pigs and chickens. You may think about farmers that have invested a lifetime into a family business. Some may reflect on that rickety 100 year old faded red painted structure that has endured the four seasons. Others will conjur a vision of a massive, new sprawling complex with with state of the art structures.

We’ve seen them all. We can only speculate what’s inside. Barns have been converted to venues for weddings and other social gatherings.
Meanwhile others with a creative touch have transformed them into homes, bed and breakfasts and even antique shops. Some are used as auto repair shops and those who are unsuspected have made these structures into multi- million dollar operations manufacturing illegal drugs.
The bottom line is we don’t know what these buildings are used for or what is inside!

But this is what we do know:

  • They’re generally large and square footage.
  • They will contain a lot of stuff.
  • In rural areas they may not have a sustainable water supply.
  • Unless we are intimately familiar with our first due areas the response to one of these structures can be a total surprise.

In this program a wide array of content will be discussed. Everything from building construction features to strategy and tactical decision-making will be covered. We will share “best practices” to improve overall efficiency when dealing with one of incidents.

We will also review case studies where things did not go well including line of duty deaths. This can be prevented as a one or two or three day offering.The one day offering will remain in a classroom environment while the two or three day presentations will transition to the field for hands on drills and scenario-based exercises.

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