November 29, 2017

Effective Report Writing for Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement

Effective Report Writing for Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement

When the incident is over, it’s time for the report. Think about it. Your training academy probably didn’t teach you how to write an effective and legally defendable report. As a result, it is left to chance and you may be set up to fail.

This course teaches you how to avoid potential legal problems while producing effective, brief, and well-organized reports. Students will participate in individual and group exercises, role playing exercises and review various sample reports.

Interactive, fast paced, and full of tips and techniques you can use immediately to improve your report writing skills, this program is a must for anyone tasked with report writing and even those who must review reports of any kind.

This program is presented as a one or two day offering. It can also be reduced in duration to 4 hours to accommodate tight department schedules.

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