July 10, 2017

Fire Service Organization and Leadership: More Than Wearing The White Helmet

This three day program is designed to provide a unique and progressive look at managing today’s complex and diversified fire service.  The student will be given strategies to succeed as an effective fire service leader. Through a series of discussions, role plays and exercises, the student will acquire the tools necessary to function as an effective supervisor.  Additionally, the student will learn the importance of mentoring, coaching, writing and oral communication skills necessary to be a strong fire service leader. Again utilizing discussions, role plays and exercises, the student will learn how these skills relate to the modern fire service.

Finally, the student will gain useful tools which they can apply to real world issues as they develop their own leadership styles in their respective departments and move forward in maintaining a strong foundation of success. These principals will be reinforced through a series of exercises designed to build a brand new simulated fire department. Together as teams, the students will architect each aspect of the simulated department applying the skills learned throughout the program.

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