November 20, 2018

Fixing Fireground Efficiency

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This program will focus on making your fire department more effective and efficient. Career or volunteer, both have the same challenges.

There are many things that an organization does have control over. They include how personnel are used, apparatus, procedures (processes) and even some control over the resources that are external to your organizations.

Sometimes called “time and motion studies”, business organizations have used evaluation practices for years. Having a “woe is me” attitude is really not a solution. Rather leaders must charge over what you do have and make it work more efficiently! Every organization must continue to evolve and even re-invent themselves to better serve their customers and they must do it in a cost-effective manner. Guaranteed, your organization is no different.

Fire departments do not have the luxury or the ability to randomly added personnel. They must make it work with what they have. They look at how their organization can do things better, many times after hearing “do more with less….” We’ll talk about the covered dish approach: Bring one thing, don’t duplicate. If missing something know who is going to bring it and do it.

This program can be presented as a one or two day offering. It also can be expanded to include a review of current practices and operations with suggestions provided. This program begins in the classroom setting for the sharing of didactic information, breakout exercise and problem-solving challenges. It can transition to the field for various skill stations and scenario-based applications.

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