October 15, 2018

Hose and Nozzle Workshop

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Hose and nozzles are the “bread and butter” tools of the engine company. However, there are many misconceptions out there. From the size and construction of hose to the wide range of choices when it comes to nozzles, many departments shoot from the hip when it comes to putting it all together. We all know that rate of flow is critical when it comes controlling and suppressing a fire. But all too often the fire does not go out for an array of reasons.

Through a blend of interactive discussions, product reviews and hands on exercises, students will have a new found appreciation for the limitations and capabilities of the hose and nozzles available to them.

The Topics:
• Understanding rate of flow
• Hoseline management
• Not all hose and nozzles are the same!
• Making the right combinations

This can be presented as a one or two day program!

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