December 9, 2018

McMansions: Fires in Large Square Footage Residential Structures

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McMansions: Fires in Large Square Footage Residential Structures

McMansions are large residential homes often starting at 6000 square feet.  Because of their big footprint most often they are found with accompanying long driveways. Owners sometimes choose secluded locations rather than traditional neighborhoods.  Certainly not cookie cutter in design, these custom designed dwellings will be unique, often with many levels.

The mere size of these structures will immediately demand different tactics compared to fires in smaller homes. Heavier fire loads, long hose stretches and probably limited access on one or more sides will need to be recognized.

In this program all members will gain an appreciation for the challenges they will face when battling a blaze in a McMansion.

This program will address a wide array of topics. It is appropriate for all fire department personnel.

The Topics:

  • Building construction features
  • Access challenges
  • Calculating fire flows
  • Water supply strategies
  • Strategic and tactical decision making
  • Search and rescue considerations
  • Strategies and Tactics for Rapid Intervention Teams

It can be presented as a one or two-day presentation.

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