January 25, 2019

Mobile Home Fires: Strategy and Tactics

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Every community has them. Some are called trailers. Others are called modulars. And then there are those known as “double wides” and “triple wides”. Why are they so prevalent?  Often it’s because of cost. Sometimes it’s availability. Other times it’s a matter of mobility.

Here is what we do know: They are made of lightweight materials. They burn quickly and vigorously. Worse yet, bedrooms probably are on one end or the other. Often the “trailer fire” is stereotyped as a lost battle. However, that is not always the case. Aggressive interior operations are a possibility once a risk assessment is made. However, there will be plenty of challenges including small windows, paper thin walls and tight hallways.

After reviewing building construction features the program will address the strategic and tactical decision-making. This Task Force 1, Inc. program is appropriate for firefighters through chief officers.

This course can be delivered entirely in a class room environment with a combination of lecture, discussion, individual and small group break out exercises or one with hands-on, live fire or simulated scenario-based exercises. It can be a one or two day offering. Hands-on can be a part of this program!

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