September 17, 2018

Primary Search: Best Practices

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This program will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your personnel who must complete primary searches.

Our primary concern on any fire incident is life safety. One needs to be in the mindset that on a fire there is a potential life safety that will require quick actions upon arrival to locate and eventually remove civilians from the structure.

A primary search is that initial search. It’s often done when fire conditions are NOT under control. However, there is only a short window of opportunity to save a savable life. There is no room for error.

Like any skill, it has to be learned, practiced and practiced again. Unfortunately, over the years this skill set has deteriorated in many fire departments. Meanwhile, others have been exposed to practices that do not work. The primary search is very rapid but systematic.  Hanging on a hose line trying to complete a primary is not effective.

In this program, following a short presentation in the classroom, student will participate in various skills stations all designed around “best practices”. Student will build confidence to the point they will be able to complete a quick and thorough primary search. The program will transition to a series of challenging scenario based exercised overseen by our instructors.

From the season firefighter to the back-step rookie this program is a must.  This program is best presented as a two day offering!

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