October 2, 2018

Solar Power Emergencies

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Solar Power Emergencies

With high energy prices and concerns for the environment, many homeowners have opted to capturing the natural energy of the sun. This initiative has become more common place and is not expected to go away. A look to rooftops in many communities reveals many configurations designed to capitalize on the power of the sun. Solar panels can present challenges to fire department operations. Aside from the potential electrical hazards, they can be an obstacle to vertical ventilation operations. This program will provide a wide array of information regards solar energy hardware, safety concerns and best practices when attempting vertical ventilation operations.

This program can be presented in various formats. They include a one-day classroom-based format, two-day classroom-based presentation or two-day offering with classroom presentation followed by a transition on the second day to hands-on scenario-based training.

This program is best presented as a 2 day offering. However, it can be presented as a single day presentation.


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