September 17, 2018


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In many areas of country fire departments are now running “squad” companies.

This term, squad, has different meanings around the country. In many areas they are called rescue pumpers. This concept is is often based around the FDNY Squad where a company may respond in a first due area as an engine company, however, outside of the first due it most often serves as a special services company assigned to rescue or truck related duties.

In some regions the squad function is interchangeable with a truck company. The squad may also handle various technical rescue functions such as vehicle extrications.

This “hands on” program that will cover a wide array of subjects including squad company functions including search and rescue, ventilation, laddering, forcible entry, rapid intervention and basic engine company functions. Riding positions based upon the dispatched assignment are detailed in the program.

Following a brief time in the classroom, the program will take to the streets with several hands-on drill stations and scenario based exercises. This program can be presented in various lengths ranging from 2-5 days.

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