June 28, 2017

Tactical Thermal Imaging

Tactical Thermal Imaging

This class focuses on how to evaluate the fire ground from three perspectives: tactically, thermally and three dimensionally.  A thermal imaging camera just provides more information for you to make better decisions.  This hands on program will show reveal information your never knew about your thermal imaging camera.

Most departments are very good at teaching firefighters how to force doors and stretch hose lines, but they’re not quite as good at teaching tactical lessons, especially when it comes to technological items like thermal imaging cameras. TICs are one of those tools that has enhanced firefighting significantly, but they must be used properly and those who use them need proper training to know how to interpret images properly and make the right decisions based on the information provided.

It can take hours and hours to learn everything about TICs, from learning how to read color pallets, to thermal layers and reading images. Those who are proficient at using TICs can pinpoint fire locations just by thermal signatures and reading the images the camera provides, often not seen with just the naked eye or just by reading smoke.

Note: Designed as a two-day program, it can also be expanded to a three day offering or as a one day presentation.

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