February 15, 2019

TASK BOOKS: Professional Development Program

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TASK BOOKS: Professional Development Program

Task Force 1, Inc. knows every firefighter wants to excel but yet they struggle. Unfortunately, they are set up to fail. We can help you develop a program to have them succeed.

  • Right now does your department have a professional development program?
  • Do you want struggle with consistency across members and stations?
  • Are you concerned about litigation?
  • Are you are lacking an organizational process to set your new probationary members for success?

Your probably feeling overwhelmed. The task seems daunting. However, there is a workable solution now available!

Task Force 1, Inc. is committed to assist your organization in developing organizational task books for success.
This program is divided into two eight hour sessions over a three month period.

It consists of a review of organizational policy, procedures and guidelines. We’ll focus on indentifying developmental “gaps”.
We will have an assortment of developmental tools to pick from using industry standards as a base point.

We understand that every department is unique. This program will focus on your department’s unique challenges.
Here are just some of the ways organizational task books accomplish firefighter and organizational growth:

  • Promotes goal oriented, focused firefighters for the future of the organization.
  • Greatly enhances consistency across members and stations.
  • Creates a reference guide for the firefighter moving through their career.
  • Increases readiness for firefighters to promote.
  • Supports succession planning.
  • Reduces the growth guesswork by incorporating policy and procedure into task books.

Task books are a great way to develop firefighters and officers for success!

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