February 15, 2019

Taxpayer Fires

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Often having a commercial occupancy on the first floor and living quarters in the floor above, taxpayers can be found in most communities. Most often these structures are common on the “Main Street” in many communities. Depending on the area of the country a basement often used for storage for the first floor business can be expected.

A fire in a taxpayer presents several concerns. Life hazards on both floor can be expected complicated by heavy fire loads in the basement and first floor. Often these structures will only have access on Sides A and C with fire spreading vertically and horizontally quickly.

This program will provide the student will a wealth of knowledge regarding construction features, fire spread paths, strategic and tactical decision making while maintaining continuous situational awareness. Various case studies will be reviewed. In-classroom fireground simulations scenarios will provide participant a realistic view of a taxpayer fire. This program is appropriate for firefighters, company and chief officers.

1 or 2 day program

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