February 15, 2019

Truck Company Operations Without A Truck

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Here is reality. Your staffing only provides two or three members for your truck company. That’s not the way it should be but that’s the way it is. Civilians as well as the the engine company depend on you to get things done. If your department operates with a light staff truck company, this program is a must!

In this program students will gain an understanding of how truck company operations can still be effective even when staffing is light. Task Force 1, Inc. instructors will explain how to develop strategies to maximize the use of available personnel by developing riding assignments/positions, reviewing apparatus.

After leaving the classroom, students will participate in hands-on exercise drills to sharpen their skills working in a light staffed environment. The program continues with a series of scenarios-based training exercises that will build confidence.

Some of the topics:
Ventilation, search and rescue, use of TICS, laddering, forcible entry, forcible entry, offensive use of aerial devices, controlling utilities, overhaul and working with the engine company.

This program is presented as a 2-3 day offering.

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