January 7, 2019

Truck Company Operations WITHOUT a Truck

This program  focuses on getting truck company operations done without with a truck!

We realize that many areas for the country do not have access to a truck company or one will not be on scene in the early phases of the incident. What does that mean? “Truck” work doesn’t get done?

No, the work still have to be done. However, if left to chance the results will NOT be good? Any delay in completing strategical and tactical objectives  will add to fireground risk and more lives and property lost!

This class will challenge engine companies to live on the truck side and “truckies” to live on the engine side of the house. We will train you to work to complete all fire ground tasks with an engine’s complement of tools and to succeed on the fireground because that is what is expected and necessary.

This program is best presented as a two day offering. However, it can be compressed or expanded to accommodate the host.

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