JUNE 23-25, 2017 8:30 AM

Hosted by the  Centerton Fire Department  755 W Centerton Blvd, Centerton AR

A Mayday event is a low frequency event. It may never happen in your career OR it may happen today. Unlike other training, your only experience in handling the MAYDAY may only come for real life scenario based, hands on training.  This program will provide command officers the experience needed to manage the MAYDAY.  Meanwhile, rapid intervention teams will sharpen their strategic and tactical skills needed to save a brother or sister. On the final day of the program everyone will be challenged by a series of physically demanding, gut wrenching MAYDAY EVENTS. Remember, in a MAYDAY EVENT. You have one chance to get it right! This program is physically and  mentally demanding.  SCBA and full PPE required for all participants.

The Lead Instructors

Steve Schellenberg, Battalion Chief, (ret.) District of Columbia Fire-EMS

A third generation firefighter with the Washington DC FD, Steve served for over 28 years before retiring as a Battalion Fire Chief from the 6th Battalion. The 6th Battalion included the White House, the Capitol and other national treasures. With 15 years of Engine Company experience at the ranks of private, technician and Lieutenant, five years of Truck Company experience at the ranks of Lieutenant and Captain and a year of experience in the Rescue Squad at the rank of Sergeant. He is a level II Instructor having served as an adjunct instructor to the Training Division. Steve chaired the Department’s Truck Company SOP’s committee and co-authored the PPV procedures for DCFD. He is a lead instructor for Task Force 1, Inc.

 Chris Ford, Firefighter, Fire Department City of New York

Chris started his fire service career as a volunteer in Northern Virginia. He worked in Loudoun County (VA) Fire and Rescue and in the District of Columbia Fire and EMS Department. In 2006 he was hired at FDNY. Chris specializes in engine and truck company operations, technical rescue, hazardous materials, and MAYDAY operations.

Enroll at For details  –  Division Chief Mike Cerasale  479-802-9622



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