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MAY 10-11, 2017  8:30 AM – 4:00 PM

Hosted by the Joshua Fire Department 770 N. Main Street  Joshua, TX.

One of the most misunderstood but critical functions on the fireground is the outside vent position. Often viewed as a big city thing or a truck company specific position, in reality this important fire ground function is utilized by many departments big and small. Frequently it is performed by  engine crews in departments that either have no dedicated truck company or are truck light. In this program the OUTSIDE VENT position will be explained in detail to provide the student with an understanding and appreciation for the importance of this assignment.

Following an interactive classroom session, the program will transition to the field hands-on drills and scenarios. Whether you  operate a “formal”  truck company or not, this program will be a value to improving  safety and fireground efficiency.

Program topics

  • OV Qualifications
  • Operating guidelines
  • The OV tools
  • Getting to the rear
  • Doing the 360
  • Effective laddering
  • The basement fire
  • Horizontal ventilation
  • Vent Enter Isolate Search
  • Securing Utilities
  • Softening the structure

The Lead Instructor  Lt. Scott Kleinschmidt  Wichita Fire Department

Scott is a 20 veteran with the City of Wichita Fire Department serving as an Operations Lieutenant and is a Fire Training Officer with the Derby Fire Department. Prior to promotion he was assigned to the city’s Rescue Company and is a member with KSTF-5 regional USAR team. Scott is a lead instructor within the State USAR system in Structural Collapse, Trench, Con Space, Rope, and Vehicle/Machinery rescue. He is an instructor/coordinator in Truck Company operations and coauthored the WFD’s current SOP’s for Truck Company Operations. Lieutenant Kleinschmidt is an adjunct instructor to the departments training division providing recruit instruction and hands on training to suppression companies throughout the city. He provides lecture and hands on training in Truck Company, Rescue Company, and reduced staffed fire ground operations at the local, state, and national level. Lieutenant Kleinschmidt is a past FDIC presenter and contributing author to Fire Engineering magazine.

For additional information contact:    Wayne Baker, Fire Chief  817-648-8865  or wbaker@cityofjoshuatx.us


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