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Matt Tobia
Matt is an Assistant Chief in Loudoun County, Virginia where he is largely responsible for support services and volunteer administration. His experience in fire and rescue service spans more than 25 years. He rose throught the ranks in the Anne Arundel County Fire Department, located
in suburban Baltimore, Maryland. His most recent assignment was as a Battalion Chief. He
Chief Tobia holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Emergency Health Services Management from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Chief Tobia is a contributing editor for Fire-Rescue Magazine, currently serving as their back-page monthly columnist.

Don Headrick
Don is an Assistant Chief with the Greenville (SC) Fire Department. Don began his fire service career with Greenville in 1978 and progressed through the ranks as firefighter, company officer, Batt. Chief and Asst. Chief.  He was department training officer for 5 years.  He has been a certified fire service instructor since 1987, served on various technical development committees for fire/rescue programs and is Senior Advisor for South Carolinas US&R Team-SC-TF1. 

Mike Prete
Mike recently retired as the Assistant Fire Chief at Montgomery County (MD) Fire and Rescue Services. With  nearly 35 years of experience, he served as the Executive Chief. In addition to his role directly relating to fire and rescue operations, he managed daily operational and administrative issues including budget, daily oversight and scheduling for 1100 full time personnel.  With national and state instructor certifications, he served as an adjunct instructor for the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute, NIMS Instructor for MEMA, Anne Arundel Community College adjunct instructor, Practical Incident Control Training lead instructor and holds various certifications in public safety.
Jason Walters
Jason is a PA State Fire Instructor and PA Department of Health vehicle rescue instructor. Since 2000, he has been employed as a firefighter with Hilton Head Island Fire Rescue Department in Hilton Head, SC. He currently hold the rank of  Captain.  He is a heavy rescue tech, hazmat tech, dive tech with HHIFRD heavily involved with the training division on program development and delivery. He is a SCFA instructor, the Rescue Group Manager with SC-TF1.

Sarah Radinsky
Sarah started her fire service career as a volunteer in northeastern PA prior to volunteering with the Hyattsville Volunteer Fire Department during college.  After obtaining her degree in Emergency Medical Services-Paramedic, Sarah was hired as a Paramedic in 2004 by the Prince George's County Fire/EMS Department (PGFD).  Assigned to some of the busiest ALS units in the county, Sarah trained new ALS providers from within the department, as well as students from colleges such as University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC).  Sarah gained experience as a field provider thanks to high call volume and her participation in a variety of mass-casualty and high-profile incidents; one of which earned her the Bronze Medal of Valor. Her experience expanded when her role changed from a field medic to an EMS Supervisor (Lieutenant) and Quality Assurance Officer. Sarah retired from PGFD and now is employed at Frederick County (MD) Community College.
Greg Barnas

Greg served as a Captain of Ladder 6 with the Jersey City Fire Department in Jersey City, N.J. He had over 30 years for fire  He specialized in truck and other special operations.  Additionally, he volunteered in his hometown of Wallington, N.J.

Greg was killed in the line of duty on February 28, 2014 will operating at a
commercial building fire in Wallington when he fell from a roof.

Greg was an exceptional instructor with a passion for the fire service. He will be sorely missed.