November 6, 2016

Training Opportunities – On Site – On Line

In 2018 in addition to on-site training, Task Force 1, Inc. will begin to offer on-line learning.

We realize that sometimes schedules, work shifts and other barriers impede access to training. While most will agree being in a classroom environment face to face with an instructor maybe the best option we realized that online learning may also be beneficial and equally is effective.

While a student will be able to enroll for the program offered at a physical location, others will be able to offer participate in the same program from a distance. Our intention is to transmit the program live as it takes place but also allow students access a recorded version of the training of the program to utilize at their convenience. For those enrolling in the distance learning opportunity, they will get copies of course materials electronically utilizing Dropbox.

This initiative maybe very beneficial for those departments who may desire to train multiple shifts but are unable to schedule all personnel to be there in one sitting or to have to replicate the program multiple times may not be cost-effective. Initially the programs will center around classroom-based offerings.

We anticipate rolling out some initial long-distance training opportunities that will coincide with our on-site training early in 2018.

We are seeking host locations that have technology in place to host the above programs willing to to support this initiative. This would require the ability to live stream the program.  If you are interested in more information abort hosting OR want  details  about the on-line programs, please click below. We are adding new training events daily, so check back daily for schedule updates!

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