Chris is a veteran of the fire service since 2002. Chris currently is a Captain in the Houston Fire Department, currently assigned to Engine 55 in District 46. Majority of his career has been spent in District 46, both as a firefighter and Engineer/Operator on both Engine and Ladder companies. When not training or responding to calls, Chris is very passionate about Firefighter fitness and ways to implement functional fitness for his brothers, pulling from his experience as a gym owner. He has been a Paramedic for the last ten years, which included being a founding member of the Houston Police Department’s Tactical Medic Team, working in the ambulance routing telemetry unit, and participating in multiple research and protocol revision projects. Prior to joining HFD, Chris was a part of the Mont Belvieu Fire Department, where he was involved with multiple extensive hazmats incidents and command responsibilities. There he rose to the rank of Training Captain.He also created and ran a Special Events Emergency logistics company, coordinating and staffing emergency response logistics for large target hazard rich events in the private sector.